Dreamer’s Throne (Lazy Review #30)

by Seth Ring (Author) Reviewed by Ike Stepp (Blogger) Quick Summary: "Dark gothic story where nightmares hunt you in your dreams." Garrett is reborn into a broken body in a new world he doesn't fully understand. With his strength taken from him, he can only rely on his wits. Every day is a new struggle, and for … Continue reading Dreamer’s Throne (Lazy Review #30)

Villain Core (Lazy Review #15)

Quick Summary " Geeky hero dies on his first mission and becomes an AI." Sam Smith grows up in a time of relative peace. There are heroes and villains, yes, but the heroes won the war for dominance long ago. Now any Tom, Dick, and Harry with a little bit of power is trying to … Continue reading Villain Core (Lazy Review #15)

Forge of Destiny (Lazy Review #14)

Quick Summary: " Thief girl awakens gift and fights for a chance to elevate status." Ling Qi, a girl from a poor district, is found to have talent. This means that she has the ability to become an immortal. Because of this, she is taken in along with a number of other gifted kids. Ling … Continue reading Forge of Destiny (Lazy Review #14)

Paranoid Mage (Lazy Review #13)

Quick Summary: " Portals, Oppressive magical societies, and one DIY mage." This novel is about a 30-year-old man named Callum. He finds out later in life that he is, in fact, special and that a supernatural world exists around him. Having been around the block, Callum is slow to trust anyone. Once he realizes his … Continue reading Paranoid Mage (Lazy Review #13)

Threadbare (Lazy Review #5) A Series Review

Final Statement:¬†This is a fantastic series by¬†Andrew Seiple. It was a breath of fresh air when I first came across it. However, I've now read a lot of books like it. The thing is, despite this fact, the threadbare series still stands out to be some of the best LitRPG out there. Check this series … Continue reading Threadbare (Lazy Review #5) A Series Review