Forge of Destiny (Lazy Review #14)

Quick Summary: " Thief girl awakens gift and fights for a chance to elevate status." Ling Qi, a girl from a poor district, is found to have talent. This means that she has the ability to become an immortal. Because of this, she is taken in along with a number of other gifted kids. Ling … Continue reading Forge of Destiny (Lazy Review #14)

Bastard (Lazy Review #11)

Media: eBook, Audiobook, Paperback, Hardback Quick Summary: "Gifted mercenary gets another chance at life but with a twist." This story is about Jack, a dude who takes on odd jobs that often end up with people disappearing. After taking on a job he probably shouldn't have, he ends up dead. He gets another chance at … Continue reading Bastard (Lazy Review #11)