Dreamer’s Throne (Lazy Review #30)

by Seth Ring (Author) Reviewed by Ike Stepp (Blogger)

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Quick Summary:

Dark gothic story where nightmares hunt you in your dreams.”

Garrett is reborn into a broken body in a new world he doesn’t fully understand. With his strength taken from him, he can only rely on his wits. Every day is a new struggle, and for him to survive, Garrett will have to cross lines that were taboo back on earth.

Was it Good? It’s Good

On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 8.5

1=couldn’t finish the book

5=Put down a few times to do other things

10= Finished in nearly one session 


The characters are not flat, but I wouldn’t call them complex. Each of them has a clear personality and desires that drive them. A few of them are relatable. One of my favorites was one of the gang member lieutenants, mainly because his dreams were funny. The only disappointing thing was that there was barely any growth for any character that wasn’t the MC or his partner.

Plot of Dreamer’s Throne

It is a simple plot filled with mysteries and unknowns that promise complexity later. The Mc starts off just trying to survive and, in doing so, creates problems that go beyond his understanding. However, those consequences don’t appear until later so most of the story is about MC creating a place for himself in this new world.

World Building:


Aside from the primary location of the story and the dreams, little description of the environment or surroundings was given. From what info was given, I imagine the story in a 15th-century English town with cobblestone streets. There are little signs of technology, and mysticism/magic reigns supreme.

Magical System

The magical system is interesting in this novel. There are three stages awakened, shaper, and manifester. The only thing is that 98 percent of people in the book are at the first stage. Only the leading figures of society are at the shaper stage. It’s hard to tell who’s stronger than who in this book. Add to the fact that every awakener has a unique power biased off their personality and actions. While all this isn’t bad, it sometimes makes things confusing. Especially when there is a scene in the book where a mortal helps fight off an awakened, which is complete BS. Aside from that, the Mc’s powers do have a good deal of Lovecraftian elements.

The Daily life of a regular Joe

This book doesn’t give me much information about what regular people do for a living. I only know about people if they are gang members or merchants. The only thing I know about ordinary people is that they like buying soap.

My Opinion (Dreamer’s Throne)

It’s a good book. I recommend it. Everything went a little too easy for the MC, though. I also hoped there would be more dream elements than there were. The story is at its best when the MC explores the dream world or manipulates someone else’s dream.

Will I check out more from this series or author after this lazy review?

Yes book 2 comes out in December.

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