Mark of The Fool (Lazy Review #33)

Summary: "A slow burn LitRPG with top-tier progression elements." This dude was chosen by a god to be a servant to others. Realizing his fate, Alex gives the middle finger to the god and flees to a magical academy of wizards. There, his blessing acts as a double-edged sword. Granting him advanced learning abilities to … Continue reading Mark of The Fool (Lazy Review #33)

Ritualist (Lazy Review #32)

Summary: "A unique class, a game world, and a military vet." Joe's mom won the lottery, which allowed her to upload her disabled son's mind into a game world permanently. With a second chance at life, Joe aims to complete every mission, master every power, and uncover all the secrets this new game world might … Continue reading Ritualist (Lazy Review #32)

Spellmonger (Lazy Review #31)

Summary: "Medieval story with knights, goblins, mages and castles." Min is the archetypal character who retired due to an arrow in the knee. He lives in peace as a spellmonger in a village. He peddles magic just like any tradesman. And he even has an apprentice to order about. Life is good until a goblin … Continue reading Spellmonger (Lazy Review #31)

Dreamer’s Throne (Lazy Review #30)

by Seth Ring (Author) Reviewed by Ike Stepp (Blogger) Quick Summary: "Dark gothic story where nightmares hunt you in your dreams." Garrett is reborn into a broken body in a new world he doesn't fully understand. With his strength taken from him, he can only rely on his wits. Every day is a new struggle, and for … Continue reading Dreamer’s Throne (Lazy Review #30)

Re-Start (Lazy Review #29)

Summary: "A slow burn rags to riches story." Phil's life sucks. A man who once had ambition but now is stuck. At thirty, he is reduced to leaching off his wife and gaming all day. Well, everyone knows that things only take one bad day to change. And sure enough, things start falling apart when … Continue reading Re-Start (Lazy Review #29)