Dungeon Crawler Carl (Lazy Review #24)

A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

Written by Matt Dinniman (Author) , Reviewed by Ike Stepp (Blogger)

Dungeon Crawler Carl Quick Summary:

“A televised apocalypse, magical talking pets, and a man in boxers.”

A dungeon grows on Earth and forces its inhabitants to enter and play survival games to the amusement of aliens. In this world, its not just about survival but about surviving in style. The people at the top of this world order are those who know how to brand themselves and play to a crowd.

Was it Good?  Great

On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 9.5

1=couldn’t finish the book

5=Put down a few times to do other things

10= Finished in nearly one session 

My Opinion

You need to read this book. This book is nonstop fun. I swear I read this book in what felt like minutes. I was that immersed in the story. I’m not even a cat lover, but Princess Donut almost converted me. Her character was just that good. And I loved Carl’s character even more.

What will I remember after finishing this review? (Characters, Plots, Action)

The duo of Carl and princess donut carries the whole story. Carl is the perfect mix of straight man and lunatic. One moment, he’s the responsible one the next, he’s nearly killing himself and others with explosives. The idea of an audience watching the characters survive isn’t new but it’s still used to great effect here. It forces every character to find unique solutions to problems and embrace their weirder sides. The Power and evolution system is also unique as it allows people to gain the power of mythical beings as well as the aliens themselves.

Will I check out more from this series or author after this lazy review?

I’m already on book 3 right now. There are currently 6 books that are out now. It’s a great time to be a fan of fantasy/LitRPG.

Lastly, Feedback, suggestions, or recommendations about this review are always welcome.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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