(Lazy Review #25) The Daily Grind: A Slice-of-Life LitRPG

Written by Argus (Author) Reviewed by Ike Stepp (Blogger)

Quick Summary:

“A call center worker, A pet mutated stapler, and monster office equipment”

This book is about a guy named James who discovers an alternate dimension at work. In this new place he gains power by destroying monsters which have taken the form of office equipment, other employees, and technology.

Was it Good?  Not really (although the first half was great which somewhat makes up for the end.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 4.5 (Read 3/4 of the book then Skipped to the end)

1=couldn’t finish the book

5=Put down a few times to do other things

10= Finished in nearly one session 

My Opinion / Lazy Review

I can’t personally recommend this one. I don’t regret reading it as the concept is very unique. And I did really enjoy reading the first half of this novel. If you can stomach being lectured at about society and morels though then you might like this.

What will I remember after finishing this review? (Characters, Plots, Action)

This book should have stuck with what it was at its core. The discovery, life threatening challenges, and unnerving encounters were great. The mystery of this weird alternate place which had the power to effect the real world was engaging. Yet the tone shifts somewhat in the second half as the Main character introduces more people to the alternate world. The first addition was fine as it allowed James to explore more dangerous areas. It was the second addition that made me skip to the end. Her ideas and opinions about what the group should be doing was off putting. Also characterization did not seem consistent. As some characters struggled with problems they already overcame earlier in the book. I also have a pet peeve for when characters are made weaker then they should be so that another character can look good.

Am I going to check out more from this series or author after this lazy review?

I will not be reading the next one in the series. Mainly because I have too many books on my waiting list.

Lastly, Feedback, suggestions, or recommendations about this review are always welcome.

Was wondering if anyone was a fan of Flash Fiction? ( Was thinking of trying my hand at it a bit)

Anyway, thanks for reading my lazy Review!

If you’re interested in the book, click here to go to the book’s page on Amazon.

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