A Lazy Review of Paranoid Mage

Quick Summary:

” Portals, Oppressive magical societies, and one DIY mage.”

This novel is about a 30-year-old man named Callum. He finds out later in life that he is, in fact, special and that a supernatural world exists around him. Having been around the block, Callum is slow to trust anyone. Once he realizes his unique gift makes him a target, Callum decides to flee the magical government, promising him help. One thing leads to another, and he somehow becomes an outlaw and terrorist. His only way of surviving is to quickly master his unique powers through self-study.

  1. Was it Good?  Yes
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 8
    1. 1=Too lazy to finish
    2. 5=Put down a few times to do other things
    3. 10= Finished in nearly one session 

_New ideals kept me hooked _

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  1. Will I remember any of the story or Characters after reading this?
    • One of the things that I will remember about this story is the magic system. It’s not much of a spoiler to say the main character is a portal mage. Due to many reasons, he can’t learn how to be a proper portal mage. So there are so many scenes where he learns through trial and error as well as educated guesses. His hunt for knowledge drives the plot forward, forcing him to face more and more challenges. It doesn’t take long before his discoveries and innovations give him a large advantage over his enemies. What I think is great about this is the fact that the MC isn’t super special. There are other portal mages out there that should be able to do everything he can. Yet they don’t because the magical society in this world has become stagnant. They focus so much on legacies and lost magics they don’t innovate.
  1. Was there anything that took away from my enjoyment of the story?
    • If I had to pinpoint one thing about the novel, it would be the pacing. The overall pacing was fine, although it felt like a roller coaster ride at times. It’s a lot of action with moments of downtime. Anyway, the one gripe I have is how quickly the MC becomes a one-man army. In days of discovering his ability, he goes from civilian to expert. Early in the story, he’s already destroying organizations.
  1. Am I going to check out more from this series or author?
    • So, I’m listening to the audiobook of the second book now. Good stuff so far, but I don’t feel rushed to finish it.
  2. Lastly me. Feedback, suggestions, or recommendations are always welcome.

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