A Lazy Review of Bastard (Last Life Book #1): A Progression Fantasy Series

Quick Summary:

Gifted mercenary gets another chance at life but with a twist.

This story is about Jack, a dude who takes on odd jobs that often end up with people disappearing. After taking on a job he probably shouldn’t have, he ends up dead. He gets another chance at life. However, there’s a catch. He needs to take over the life of a man named Max. Max Is the bastard son of an ancient noble family. Not only is Max hated on both sides of his family. He is rejected by the rest of society thanks to his father’s failed attempt at usurping the throne.

  1. Was it Good?        Yes
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 7
    1. 1=Too lazy to finish
    2. 5=Put down a few times to do other things
    3. 10= Finished in nearly one session 

_Finished reading in 2 to 3 sessions _

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  1. Will I remember any of the story or Characters after reading this?
    • The only thing I remember about this story is pretty much the main character. Max is fully fleshed out, along with a few other characters. However, he is an example of a highly competent Main character. One could make the argument that he is a Gary Stu, but I would have to disagree. Max struggles enough that his victories don’t always come easy. He also has a few highly competent enemies. Although early on, there are a bunch of idiots he faces off against. I might be biased on this one, but I’m kind of tired of reading stories where the main character makes stupid mistakes that don’t make sense given their backstory or previous characterization. In this novel, it’s a pleasure to watch as Max overcomes his bad circumstances and carves out a place for himself.
  1. Was there anything that took away from my enjoyment of the story?
    • This might be somewhat hypocritical of me to say, but the novel has little to no suspense to it. The main character doesn’t struggle enough, and things go a little too smoothly for him. (i.e., which is why I would understand if people felt he was a Gary Stu.) This did make me care less about whatever was happening to Max. However, the other elements of the story make up for this small gripe. Max talking himself out of tight spots. Max investigating the mystery around his family. Max building up a small force that he can trust. All of these parts of the novel more than make the book an engaging read.
  1. Am I going to check out more from this series or author?
    • Yes. I just finished the third book in the series. The fourth one comes out in December of this year. I have set up an alert to let me know when it drops so I can read it right away.

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