A Lazy Review of Third Apocalypse: A LitRPG Adventure (Regressor Book 1)

Quick Summary:

A Tower climbing, Litrpg, Regressor power fantasy

This main character starts off as a grunt in the chosen one’s army. Because of his weaker foundation, he wasn’t able to reach the heights of power along with the originally chosen one/ Regressor. So when the end of the world comes, he is just strong enough to stay alive. Due to complications, he gets the chance to go back in time instead of the original regressor. With memories from three different timelines, Jax has to pick the most important changes that he can make without interfering with the original Regressor’s work.

  1. Was it Good?        Yea
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging was it? 7
    1. 1=Too lazy to finish
    2. 5=Put down a few times to do other things
    3. 10= Finished in nearly one session 

_Took longer to finish than normal _

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  1. Will I remember any of the story or Characters after reading this?
    • This might change as this is just the first book. However, there weren’t that many characters that stood out to me. It took most of the book before Jax assembled his would-be group. You don’t get much time with them in order to see any interesting dynamics. Most of the book focuses on Jax. The Mc does what every regressor does and takes advantage of future knowledge to become more powerful. One thing I really liked was how, unlike other novels, Jax feels like he has to make real choices on how to become powerful. Due to his memories of multiple timelines, there are multiple paths he can take to become powerful. Each one comes at a cost, but all are viable. There is no clear best route for Jax to take. At least for me, it makes it more interesting to find out which path he will take.
  1. Was there anything that took away from my enjoyment of the story?
    • I don’t dislike Jax. However, I do dislike some of the choices he makes in the story. When it comes to what upgrades he chooses or how he interacts with certain groups of people. Sometimes, I had to stop reading out of sheer frustration. The reason I don’t dislike Jax, though, is because his character feels like it’s still in flux. Sometimes, he’s ruthless, while other times, he’s merciful. The memories from different timelines also affect his personality. Which is why I kind of give him a pass so far as book one goes. Also, he does have some traits that I like.
  1. Am I going to check out more from this series or author?
    • This series already has 2 other books that are currently out. While I do plan to eventually read the rest. I’m currently not in a hurry to do so. This book is a fun read that somewhat requires you to turn your brain off a little to fully enjoy. I would recommend this if you’re bored and you want something to pass the time with.

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