Threadbare by Andrew Seiple A Series Review(3 books)

Final Statement: This is an awesome series. It was a breath of fresh air when I first came across it however I’ve now read a lot books like it. The things is despite this fact the threadbare series still stands out to be some of the best litrpg out there. Go check this series out not only is it not a waste of time it will probably turn you off other books simply because it raises the bar for litrpg pretty high.

Aspects that I liked about the series

The Characters: I for the most part loved the main character of this series. although some of them were annoying at times.The main characters struggles as a toy golem are funny and make even some of the simplest of task a challenge. The MC starts off whimsical and a little naive but by the end gives me the impression of a old man stuffed into a toy. The interactions with the rest of the characters are interesting to watch especially as the MC grows into the leadership position he takes on in the series. There are no flat characters as each of the support charters play a role as well as add to the humor of the series.

The Toy Army: The toy army is awesome. Watching the MC create his toy army was interesting. If you like necromancers then your going love this series. This is the first story I have come across with vampire dolls and toy dragons destroying large armies of regular people. They’re all still toy sized as well which makes it funny when I picture the battles in my head.

The Evolution’s/Races: So this series like a lot of litrpg has a box for a characters race. However in this story that little box changes a lot. Races get evolved into the most interesting things. Some characters simply get new races all together thanks to the mc’s powers. Towards the end of the series some of the characters are literally changing races just to min/max their abilities.

What I Didn’t like: So this worlds leveling system is interesting. Its kind of like an all seeing presence that rewards actions. If you run a lot then your running skill levels up. If you win a game of chess then your intellect goes up which is important for the MC because he is just a toy and he needs a lot of levels just to be at the starting point other characters are born at. What this means is your going to get a lot notifications about some aspect of the character leveling up. After awhile it gets annoying even for a litrpg. Plus there are all the times where the MC levels up a skill right before he needs it.

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