Station Cores by Jonathan Brooks (5 books)

Final Statement:  Overall this is a good series. I recommend picking this up if you need something to pass the time. My only problem was that I lost interest in it by the last book and pretty much had to skip past a good part of it so that I could find out ending.

Aspects that I liked about the series

Station Core: If you like dungeon core books then this will definitely scratch that itch. One of the things I liked was how the world building was based around the Station core. Its a interesting explanation behind why the natives of the world have power and how they fit in. I Also like how the book takes normal creatures for the most part and bio-engineers them into mobs.Which is nice because sometimes it gets old when dungeons just keep spawning goblins and the like.

The Natives: There are a lot of books where the dungeon core interacts with people or adventurers. In this book that interaction is taken to a new level. The natives themselves basically become like mobs for the Station core. Which makes sense given their connection with the MC. For the majority of the series its the natives that drive the plot though. The station Core is somewhat reactive which I generally don’t like in stories. However this time its OK since the MC among the natives shines. The Station Core is used somewhat like a vehicle for the natives to become proactive.

What I didn’t like:  The scaling is not great here. This isn’t the only series that does this but that doesn’t change the fact that its a problem. By the last two books the scale from which things were happening were so large that I stopped caring about the story. By the time the big battle which was what the whole series had built up happened I ended up skipping past sections of it.

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