A Series Review of The Dark Herbalist by Michael Atamanov (4 books)

Final Statement: I have mixed feelings about this series. My first go at it ended with me stopping after the third book having lost interest in the story. However time passed and I read a lot of bad litrpg which made me appreciate this series for what it was. After revisiting it I found the series to be a more than solid entry into the Litrpg genre. You’re not wasting your time reading this series.

Aspects that I liked about the series

Main Character Race: Now this wasn’t the first series I came across were the main character played the game as something other than human(or some kind of elf/dwarf). At the time there were not too many other books in the litrpg genre that did this. It scratched the itch I had at the time for this sort of main character. It did it right too as his race played an important role in a lot of his accomplishments and even how he was treated by other NPCs. It wasn’t just an afterthought or gimmick.  

Pet System: Honestly I’m a sucker for litrpg which uses animals well in the story. And by that I mean their not used as plot armor to save or power level the main character. In this series lore around Fenrir and his kind is an important plot point.  The system put in place to level the animals is something interesting as well.

The End Game: There are many Litrpg series that don’t end well. Some authors try to stretch out the series as long as possible which makes me lose interest in it. Or a series is abruptly ended so that an author can move on to something new. And then there are the series that get a book or two out then leave you waiting forever. This had a decent end game that didn’t leave me disappointed or feeling like I wasted my time.

What I didn’t like: One of the things this series did was switch between the main character in game and out. Most of the scenes where the main character is in the real world were boring. These scenes were important to the plot in the end but still felt the urge to skip past these parts.

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