A Series Review of The Wraith’s Haunt by Hugo Huesca

Books 1-4 (On gonging)

Final Statement: This is a quality series and anyone who chooses to invest their time in it wont be disappointed.

Aspects that I liked about the series

The Fusion: So there are many books out now that have one of the two aspects that make Litrpg interesting for me. Either the main character is some type of adventurer killing monsters to level up or the its a dungeon core killing/testing adventures to grow in power. In this series the main character is both dungeon core and adventurer. Now While this concept isn’t the most unique out there it still hasn’t been done too often yet. The fusion between between the two identities is done well. Most books I have read either have two main Characters one a dungeon and the other a adventurer or they have the dungeon core create a body and pretend to be a adventurer.This book has the main character as a dungeon lord. He has the powers of a dungeon but the freedom of a adventurer. Instead of just creating monsters out of nothing like some other dungeon books he has to conquer or convince monsters to join his side.

The Kingdom Building: This is what made me fall in love with the series honestly. The kingdom building is strong in every novel and simply gets better with time. The monster evolution’s were interesting and sometimes unexpected. The building segments of the story were strong, interesting, and most importantly vital for the plot. There was little fluff of filler in the series as well. There were two political worlds in this series. The one of dungeon lords then the one of heroes. I enjoyed how the main character maneuvered through both.

What I Didn’t like: The main character at times frustrated me. Mainly because early on he was inconstant. One moment he was a smart veteran gamer and wise leader. Then he would make mistakes or bad choices which didn’t feel in charter for me. Don’t get me wrong I understand characters need to make mistakes and have flaws. But they shouldn’t be ones which he was shown smart enough not to make. Thankfully this was not too much of a problem after the second book.

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