A Series Review of Life Reset

Life Reset 1-4 by Shemer Kuznits

Final Statement: So this is an awesome series and despite the few problems I had with it my overall experience was positive.

The main aspect that I found interesting:

The Settlement Building: The first two books have a pretty strong element of settlement building in them. The mc’s background is that he is betrayed by his former allies and suffers a kind of fall from grace. He wants revenge but they are too powerful for him. The only way for him to get his revenge is to build up a power base strong enough to stand against his former guild. Both books go into to depth over the settlement building which is a break from many books which just skim over it. While the game elements allow for buildings to appear somewhat quickly it isn’t instantaneous in most cases. Everything is also reliant on multiple resources which creates natural roles for his people to take.

The Actual Game: I have mixed feelings about this part. I Loved the mc’s class and skills. The progression throughout the series doesn’t feel unrealistic or rushed. The reason behind his special status makes sense but I guess part of it bothered me.He has a smart talking AI which is the sole reason he his able to do anything. The humor between the MC and his AI were a hit and a miss for me throughout the series. The races found in the book were pretty standard. I would say they definitely followed normal stereotypes. However they were still pretty interesting despite this.

What I didn’t Like: There are mainly two plots throughout the series. The Mc’s revenge and the secret (Not really secret) AI plot. What ends up happening is that the AI plot becomes more of the focus after each book. Which is fine but it just wasn’t really what I was interested in.

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